Veronica Ricci, the dirty poet

Veronica wrote a poem during class today and she would like to read it to you. As she reads it to you, you feel yourself becoming excited. She asks if you like her poem and you don't know what to say. You do not really have enough time to say anything as she tells you that she wants to see you jerk off for her right there in your office. Veronica unbuttons her blouse and she lets you have a peek at her titties. Again, before you know what has happened, she is on her knees on the couch and she is wiggling her ass at you. Your hand is tightly gripping your hard cock as she describes her pussy and how she wants you to cover it with your sperm. As long as you cum on that pussy, she promises not to tell anyone about your time together today?oh, and you have to give her an A in class. There is no hiding the fact that you are ready to let go, and when you do, you release a huge load all over her pink pussy.

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